The Devil's Burden

The Red Hand of Vengeance

1610 January 16th, Devon, England

A week after the attack on the monastery Brother Laguna and Jacob Silvermith tracked down one of the outlaws to the port of Plymouth. The scarfaced outlaw was seen drinking in the Quartermaster, a dockside Tavern of ill repute.
On entering the Tavern they quickly identified the outlaw, who was carousing at table with a slattern. The outlaw was grappled and dragged on to the muddy streets outside.
Jacob led the interrogation and through a combination of verbal and physical threats the outlaw gave away the location of the remaining outlaws and Brother Helyetic – they were camped out in a ruined castle on the coast. He also told them of a possible secret entrance to the castle by way of crack in the surrounding cliff. He pleaded for his life and Laguna agreed to grant him this if his information turned out to be accurate. The outlaw then made to escape but was caught and dispatched by the Wanderers.

Laguna and Jacob travelled to the coast the next day by way of coach and stayed over in the small fishing village of Tamwick. They left the next morning by foot for Tamwick Castle. They discovered the ruined shell of the castle. It was a small building located on a rocky outcrop, with crags falling away on all sides of it. It was no more than a stoney shell and only a make-shift barrier at the front entrance blocked the way in. Lights could be seen flickering in the lower windows and in the small tower at the back.

Jacob scouted ahead – he crept down onto the surrounding beach and discovered the tunnel into the castle. Laguna then decided to explore further himself – he slipped into the sea and swam around the back of the castle where he discovered a small dock and two rowing boats. He cut these loose to prevent escape and then asked Jacob to explore the tunnel while he crept in to the castle through an archway at the dock.
Jacob did this but set off a hidden trap – he was fortunate not to be seriously injured. He met with Laguna in what turned out to be a cellar cum dungeon beneath the castle. At the dock Laguna noticed an ominous black ship anchored far out at sea.

They heard moaning from one of the cells an discovered what a first glance appeared to be a wild beast of some kind. On looking closer this frightening figure turned out to be not an animal but a man chained to the wall – his hair was wild and his eyes were mad. He threatened to kill the Wanderers. They were able to calm him down and ask him his name. He turned out to be Sir Robert Lewisham, a noble and soldier who had come looking for his missing daughter. His search had led him into the hands of Helyetic and the outlaws and they had captured him. Helyetic had tortured and experimented on him with dark magic. He did not think that Helyetic or the outlaws knew where his daughter was.
The Wanderers released Sir Robert and armed him with a sword. They asked him to remain quiet, but instead he launched a rage-filled charge up the stairs into the castle.
A desperate fight then ensued in the great hall with Laguna, Jacob and Sir Robert battling some 5 outlaws. Sir Robert proved to be a formidable ally and cleaved through 3 of the outlaws within moments. Reinforcements arrived from upstairs in the castle.
As the Wanderers were gaining the upper hand a terrible mist enshrouded the whole room. They had the sense that someone was using its cover to make an escape! Sir Robert agreed to clear up the remaining outlaws while Laguna and Jacob persued Helyetic.
Helyetic fled down the stairs and through the cellar to the docks where he had no choice but to leap into the sea. He swam round to the beach. Laguna and Jacob followed him.
The Wanderers chased him along the beach all the time aware of a longboat with up to 6 men inside, coming towards them over the sea.
Helyetic could not escape them – he turned around and began some more dark magic. A dread sense of fear descended on Laguna but he did not falter and continued his chase. Helyetic then tried to shoot him with a pistol but this turned out to be waterlogged and useless. Helyetic then had no option but to draw his sword and fight.
Laguna quickly got the upper hand over Helyetic in the ensuing duel. Helyetic was a thief and a necromancer but no great swordsman. As Jacob arrived on the scene Helyetic was slain. The longboat at sea turned and headed back to the black ship. Sir Robert emerged from the castle, victorious against the remaining outlaws.

The three Wanderers were left on the beach picking over the clues – a scroll of parchment Helyetic carried asked him to go to the stone circle in Colombiere, Normandy, to continue the Great Endeavour. It was signed with an R. On Helyetics body they also found a scroll of magical glyphs they could not decipher, a sacrificial dagger shaped into the likeness of a bull’s head and an ornate wheellock pistol of Arabic design.

Sir Robert thanked the Wanderers for their help and said they would be well rewarded. He asked them to help him in the search for his missing daughter.
The Wanderers must choose whether to help Sir Robert or to pursue the clues on the scroll to Normandy.


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